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JW Anderson X Grindr

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Helen Beard- from the true colours exhibition at the Newport Street Gallery

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These images are from an exhibition which I went to a while ago, the simplified and graphic depiction of these sexual paintings are striking to me. Helen Beard celebrates sex from a female perspective, she states that we often see sex from a male gaze; therefore she subverts this in her artwork. These link in well from the work i created in the 'Lost Letters' workshop.

Alan Corcetti

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Ironically, after looking into chastity belts and fetish wear for my jewellery project- and how undergarments can be redefined and worn over the body as a subversive styling choice- London based jewellery designer made these "high-fashion" takes on chastity belts. I found it particularly interesting how he twisted ideas of fetish and sex and turned it into a beautiful and luxe piece of art. 

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JW Anderson

High Quality leather craft, contrasted with phallic shape creates a clever design, the keyring could be vulgar yet the simplified shape makes it appear more implicit rather than explicit. If turned upside down the shape alters and becomes more ambiguous. I thought this was comparable to my screen printed shape, where I had the letter C and created this humorous and graphic piece resembling a penis after sexual intercourse

JW Anderson 'penis keyring'


Robbie Spencer

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Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 19.25.31.png.1

Interesting approach, layering thick outerwear underneath under garments such as bustier and corset- diverse and inventive styling approach- evocative imagery, simple background doesn't defer from the styling

Dazed editorial styled by Robbie Spencer


Robbie Spencer ed in 'DAZED' magazine

I am inspired by this approach to styling here as it creates varied shapes, thus forming an inventive untraditional silhouette. Which very much embodies the way in which we went about the task today. The simplicity of colour, with striking imagery accentuates the nature of the styling and allows clarity for the viewer. The mainly black and white colour palette is also similar to the materials which I worked with today. This reference is particularly helpful when considering how I could refine and develop my work.



Thom Browne codpiece


further looking at designers who exaggerate and focus on the crotch area, incorporating this over clothing and how it could be integrated within a wardrobe. 


JFFA research

Looking at chastity belts

The harsh and restrictive nature of these fetish accessories could be rather evocative and interesting if applied to jewellery design, the phallic shape of the male chastity belt if put on a female could be a fashion concept for looking at gender, how a penis evokes ideas of power, and just generally how we associate genitalia to gender when in reality thats not the case in todays climate.

61iZUeZEOML._SY355_.jpgScreen Shot 2019-09-20 at 19.03.42.png

American Apparel- sexual communication/ controversy



Using erotica in fashion has always been controversial- these notoriously detested American Apparel ads were both extremely implicit and explicit which caused great confused and blurred the lines between porn and fashion communication/advetisment. 

Phallic objects

The use of sex within fashion communication and marketing swell as within art has always majorly interested me. I believe as humans sex is a common pleasure of all of us which is the reason that "sex sells"- often it makes people uncomfortable when things are this provocative however it can create interesting and through provoking imagery. This can be applied to fashion in many ways.



Tracey Emin "My bed" installation


This famous bed installation has such a lifelike appeal, it looks genuine and not artificially crafted for artistic purposes. Which gives it a relatable charm, Tracey Emin is undeniably herself, unapologetic, she isn't afraid to come across as 'vulgar' or 'crude'. Her work is very symbolic of her own womanhood and personal life experiences. This installation accurately portrays a personal story and is extremely evocative for whoever is viewing it. This was the inspiration behind our 'student accommodation' installation.




Nensi Dojaka


Nensi Dojaka utilises varied opacities of fabric within her garments, the layering of sheer like pantyhose and other fabrics creates an outfit with varied texture and also seems as if she draws inspiration from undergarments. This pulled and stretched appearance of fabric is a technique i found myself drawn to with styling. The idea of creating clothes which look "undone" or as if they are undergarments creates sex appeal yet in an editorial sense.

Using this in my work?

I found this influenced my work in the styling workshop with the first outfit I created, I kept using the technique of pulling fabrics taught and wrapping them around the body. Subconsciously as-well, whilst doing the sculpture workshop i found myself using the technique of pulling and stretching materials taught, layering them over one another.



Spring Summer Balenciaga 2003

Looking at older collections, I remember this Balenciaga dress which Kylie Minogue wore in a music video during the early 2000's. Nicolas Ghesquiere used a similar layering and stretch technique with both sheer and opaque fabrics taking inspiration from scuba wear and surf style.

Harley Weir- Balenciaga SS17



After being exposed to these images from the powerpoint, I couldn't help but pay attention to the way in which the background of the images was integrated within the foreground, this was a very alternative approach to set design and intertwines very well with the styling especially in the first image with the monotone colour palette.

Rick Owens SS19


Rick Owens

One of my favourite designers I had in mind while doing this styling task was Rick Owens, his work has a gothic, dark and post-apocalyptic sense to it; additionally he uses non conventional materials to allow for varied textures, which also alters how garments lay on the body. 





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